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Hey There

Where do I even begin? What I will say is that my path is a testament of growth and a true awakening. 


The old me wouldn't recognize today's version of myself and I am so grateful for the path motherhood has allowed me to go down. I will say this, if I can claw my way out of the cesspool of my former ways, anyone can! 

My strong foundation provided to me by God, my mom, and grandpa helped redirect my life. I came full circle after being obliviously lost most of my teens and twenties. This objective truth and my aligned values are impenetrable, and I know SOOO many people have woken up to the lies that they've been told all their life. 

Here is a reminder. Parents, you are not alone! You are welcome here no matter how far you have come. No matter what shift you have made. This is your flock! We will unite to raise our babies to have critical thought and empower them to be free. In a society that celebrates mediocracy, dependency and victimhood, we must unite and fight with every fiber of our being. 


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My Story

As a married mother of two, I am more determined than ever to share my awakening. This kind of redemption story can encourage more people to embrace truth, humility and transformation. I'll add that I do not condemn the old version of me. I believed that more government was the answer to societal problems and that quick handouts were the way to long-term solutions. Here is a quick recap of my story:

  • I moved to NYC from LA at 17 for college.

  • Spent my 4 years of undergrad living in NYC, SF and DC

    • During that time, I completed an International Law Program at American University and traveled abroad with the program to visit every international organization, including WHO, ICC, ICJ and many more. I also had an internship at a lobbying firm.

    • Volunteered at Obama's Inauguration.

    • Spent my college years volunteering in inner cities at schools in Alphabet City and Jamaica, Queens, alongside abused mothers and children, at HIV/AIDS organizations and attending multiple social rights protests.

    • Studied abroad in Spain for a summer.

    • Worked at a non-profit based on the United Nations Millennial Goals while living in SF and served on the board of my Universities United Nations Club.

    • Was accepted to a Fellowship at the California State Capitol's Speakers Office of Members' Services where I spent my summer post-graduation.

  • Worked at a boutique hotel in its Sales & Catering Department off of Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood.

  • Hopped around to numerous sales jobs and left sales in 2021 at the height of my career in the top 5% of my Company in my Division in the nation. 

  • Received my MBA in 2017.

  • Married my husband, had our daughter and was pregnant with our son when the world was shut down in 2020.


The summer of 2020 is when my world was flipped upside down! And now I can't unsee any of it. This awakening has manifested into the creation of Revive Childhood Co. As parents, we have a key role to shift cultural ideology and the type of indoctrination being pushed on society! 


I'll say it until my last breath, LET'S REVIVE CHILDHOOD!

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