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Let's Gain Some Perspective

“You never change things by fighting existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete".

- Buckminster Fuller -

Mixed feelings with a little bit of heartbreak, but let's not lose perspective. We are on the precipice of taking our country back but it by living intentionally. It starts locally. In our communities. Through prayer. It's the parents fighting for their children at the local School Board meetings. The citizens who show up to their local City Council meetings. Changing the country starts with changing our culture.

Our communities are what set the standard for our politics. Do not be dismayed. Hope is not lost.

But I get it. So many of us are outraged and exhausted. Strange thing is, we are not alone. 75% of voters say that our country is on the 'wrong track' and a majority of 'angry' about inflation/economy, yet their votes don't support this mindset. The midterms validated the fact that we need a serious culture change. Despite so many people being disappointed with the State of the Union, a majority are more hesitant to vote their values and vote Conservative. The party doesn't culturally align with them on a larger scale.

What do I mean?

Cultural revolutionaries have taken over our schools (years in the making)and this Midterm Gen Z did the job they have been indoctrinated into doing. The 18-29 age group went to Democrats by 28 points. Yes, you read that right! 28 POINTS!

While the left focuses on politics and culture, the right focuses strictly on politics and we are dealing with the catastrophic results of that fact. The fact is that we are fighting for good to prevail. Against the castration and mutilation of children. Against sexualizing Kindergartners. Against the war taking place on our children. This should have been an easy win.

So where do we go from here?

First off, despite how the Midterms went, we must always stay focused on these fundamental realities that still stand:

  • I do not consent to be ruled by another man or woman.

  • I do not need permission to live freely nor am I asking for it. Freedom is inherent.

  • I do not need someone to save me. I can't vote my way out of this.

  • I do not co-parent government with the government.

  • I rebuke the system controlling me or my family.

Secondly, the only way we can take back this country is by taking back our local communities, our children, our homes. Show up to those School Board meetings. Check your local libraries. Protest the next "Family Friendly" Drag Show. Peacefully advocate for your children and your family. Talk to your children. Be intentional with the precious time you have to influence them. Empower them to know that what they consume is imperative to their life's perspective- mind, body & soul. We leave our children to be raised by woke ideologies while we send them to indoctrination camps 5 days a week. Yet we wonder why Gen Z has been completely controlled by these lies and woke ideologies. There is so much to say on this topic, but I'll leave it at this. Be intentional as you parent. Our children are so malleable and once we lose them to a toxic culture, it is near impossible to get them back.

Thirdly, the GOP needs a major rebrand. It is a party for everyone! Not just old white Christian men. We are not a party of extremists. There is nothing extreme about protecting children, our borders, our economy, and our country. We need to focus on winning the culture wars and we can save our nation and stop the war on our children.

And most importantly, despite the results, we must not be fearful. This is a battle in a larger war. Remember, we are not the ones in control. HE is.

Open a history book folks. Wars have been won by 'We the People'. And though we not be at war in the typical sense, we are at spiritual and culture warfare and it will be up to us and local leadership to change the trajectory of this great Nation.

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