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We as a country, a world, a culture have a major problem and the most recent Balenciaga Holiday campaign showcasing children surrounded by BDSM is highlighting that fact.

There is a cultural shift taking place as more people are becoming aware of the blatant sexual exploitation of children. They expect those of us fighting to protect children and their innocence to just shut up and move on from this. We can not let them get away with this depravity. It's time to RISE UP and GET LOUDER. If anything else, I pray that the evidence against Balenciaga and their obsession with child sexual abuse and exploitation in their marketing, wakes people the hell up. If we can't agree on protecting children and their innocence then I can't imagine what we will ever agree on. The truth is right in front of our faces. This is clearly not a right-wing conspiracy theory. Celebrities and the MSM will do anything to protect adult delusions and pedophilia yet stay silent when it comes to protecting children.

I encourage you to get out of your echo chamber, step out of your comfort zone and advocate for the voiceless. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! WE MUST STOP THE WAR ON OUR CHILDREN. We will not be desensitized. We will not stand idly by as our children are being attacked and groomed. We will not sacrifice our children in order to validate adults. We will not stay silent. We will not accept this broken toxic society. We will fight like hell to rebuild and create a culture that honors children and their innocence. Our children will inherent a world they can be proud of. Not one that victimizes them.

Our children are not accessories. Our children will not be sexualized.

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