Young patriots founded America. Now it is up to young patriots to save America.

Young patriots founded America. It will take young patriots to save America which is why we must teach our children American History and give them the tools and education to be free, self-reliant and ungovernable.

Our nation was founded by young patriots such as Sybil Ludington, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison who was only (25) when he signed the Declaration of Independence.

The mission at Revive Childhood Co. is truly to revive childhood and empower the next generation. These topics can seem intimidating and that is not the goal. The goal is to be thoughtful in the tools we are giving our children. To ensure that they can thrive in critical thought and equip them with lessons that will last a lifetime.

Documents such as the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence are a big part of what makes America great and ensure democracy. Our ‘Let Freedom Ring’ kit provides tools that teaches children of our framework for less government and more freedom for the people. It provides the foundation by which we were founded. America’s greatness was passed down to us from our Founding Fathers, but it’s up to Americans like you and I to make sure that it stays great for our kids and future generations! Remaining free and keeping America great has always and will always be a struggle.

Your kids are empowered to be part of America’s next generation and one day, it will be up to them to carry on the American Dream like so many before them! Get started today and join our #ReviveChildhoodCrew!

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