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Our Giving

Patriotic goods for a purpose. We are cause-driven and partner with a new U.S. children's organization every quarter with the mission to empower the next generation and revive childhood. Each purchase benefits our featured organization.

01- October-December 2022

'Supporting MaxLove Project'

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01- June-September 2022


'Supporting O.U.R Rescue'

We will donate a percentage of every purchase to support the efforts of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.). O.U.R. works with law enforcement to free victims of human trafficking and exploitation. They work to break the cycle.

End Child Trafficking - Operation Underground Railroad (

MaxLove Project works with children suffering cancer and pediatric rare diseases and "focuses on all the things families can do outside the hospital to achieve maximum quality of life for the patient and the whole family. We do this through tailored cooking classes; whole-family wellness resources and therapies; targeted peer social support; and profes­sionally designed, facilitated, and researched health and wellness programs.

We work to increase the quality of life and reduce health risks for families surviving childhood cancer and related rare diseases (

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